Seminars and Presentations

2016 Seminar Series updates

21st January – Double International Guest Presentation

Presentation 1
Professor S. Balachandar, Florida USA
Shock-particle interaction to explosive particle dispersion

Professor S. Garrett, Leicester UK
The stability of the boundary-layer flow over rotating spheres and cones



14th June

Presentation 2
Dr. Geoffrey Vasil, Sydney AUS
“Introducing Dedalus: A new, efficient, accurate, and flexible toolkit for geophysical & astrophysical fluid dynamics”


14th June


Presentation 3
Prof. David L. Youngs UK
“Numerical Simulation of Compressible Turbulent Mixing due Rayleigh-Taylor Instability”


(extended abstract: Youngs_Abstract)


Events will normally be held every third Tuesday of each month. (subject to change).
Location : S316, Mechanical Engineering Conference Room, J07
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